2024 Reunion

 The 35th Biennial Hoelscher – Buxkemper Family Reunion will be held,

June 22-23, 2024 at the Westphalia Church Hall, Westphalia, Texas.  

The reunion will be held Saturday and Sunday with a few new things to do and many of the traditional events.  On Saturday, we will have a visiting, memorabilia display, Silent auction, live auction and dance.   Sunday will have Mass in the morning followed by dinner and the family meeting.

Make plans to attend the 35th reunion in the same place the first reunion in 1954 was held.  Registration paperwork is at the printers and should be mailed the first week of April.  Look for the registration form in the mail or sign up on memberplanet.

Address for Church and Hall:  Church of the Visitation, 144 CR 3000, Lott, Texas 76656

**For family coming to the reunion from the North Texas area, by way of Waco. **

The bridge on Hwy 77 at Deer Creek is closed until further notice.

Hwy 77 is blocked off to all Northbound traffic at 320 and Hwy 77, Southbound traffic is being diverted at Business 7, East and West, so if you have to get to Waco or anywhere North of Lott you’ll have to take alternate routes.
I was told (unofficially) that TXDOT is saying 6 months to a year to repair the bridge.



Exciting news, the book is in final formatting and if all goes well, it will be published this summer.

Volume one – 1439 page – Fifth Generation Stories

Volume two – 950 pages – Reunion updates by year and Genealogy updates

Internal pages will be a finished size of: 8.5” x 11”

Outer book size will be: 8.75” x 11.25”

The cover will be a linen material in an emerald green color.

To determine how many books to order, we request preorders. This will give us a firm number of books sold and will only order a few extra to meet the minimum requirements for our quote. We will not be ordering a large number of books that have to be stored and sold for years to come.

 If you want this book, please order NOW.

  Hoelscher-Buxkemper Family Book Order Form

 Name:                  ____________________________________________

 Address:               ____________________________________________

 City, State, Zip:   ____________________________________________

 Phone(s):              ____________________________________________

 Email Address(es):         ____________________________________________                      

Number of books ____ at $150 set.   Amount enclosed: $ _____


Please complete information above, enclose check or money order (made payable to “Hoelscher-Buxkemper Family Book”) for the above amount, and mail to:

Shirley M. Burk, HBF Book Fund -Treasurer

4090 Mountain Laurel Loop

Temple, TX 76502-6543.

If you would like to pay by Debit or Credit card, email this information to hbfamilytx@gmail.com and we will email you an invoice to pay using PayPal.


Follow us on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/hoelscherbuxkemper 

To join memberplanet for email updates – email your request to  hbfamilytx@gmail.com.

To receive a newsletter or reunion information contract Greg and Mary Hoelscher.  Greg Hoelscher 828 CR 218 Cameron TX 76520  or email them at HBFamilyTX@gmail.com . Your help in keeping this list as accurate and up to date as possible is appreciated. Names are removed from the mailing list when a Newsletter or Reunion Invitation is returned as non-deliverable.  Please send them address and/or name changes, marriage status, and those who have died.


Hoelscher – Buxkemper Family Heritage Association                           
The purpose of this Association is to establish unity for the preservation of the heritage of the Hoelscher – Buxkemper Family, descendants from Anton & Mary Katherine Hoelscher. Anton & Mary Katherine Hoelscher immigrated from Germany during the 1840’s and settled in Texas. A brief history of this family is in the family section.  The mailing list currently has over 5000 families.