1954 Book Reunion


From 1954 Book The Hoelscher Family Four Generations By Edward G Hoelscher

The Hoelscher Family had its first reunion on July 4, 1954. The estimated attendance was 1,600 to 2,000 persons. Monsignor Schertz stated that he never heard of a reunion of such magnitude. It was months before this reunion that Ed Hoelscher, oldest son of Frank Hoelscher, voiced his desire to have a gathering of the descendants of the pioneer family of Hoelschers. His enthusiasm was the spark, which led to the fulfillment of a desire, which had been in the minds of others before him.

Only four members of the third generation, grandchildren of Anton and Mary Katherine, were present at the reunion. They were Mrs. Mary Buxkemper Undermeyer, age 92, of San Antonio; Charles Hoelscher, age 82, of Robstown; Otto Hoelscher, age 79, of El Campo; and Robert Hoelscher, age 77, of Weimer.

At Westphalia’s Church of the Visitation the day’s activities opened with a Solemn High Mass attended by more than 1300 descendants of the Hoelscher and Buxkemper families. Reverend Clyde Holtman, assistant pastor of Saint Monica’s Church in Cameron, was celebrant of the mass, Reveend Leonard Buxkemper of Lockhart was deacon and Reverend Werner Buckholt of West was sub-deacon. Right Reverend Monsignor R. P. Schertz of Westphalia gave the sermon in which he commended the family for carrying on the faith of their ancestors so well. He pointed out that there are many Hoelscher families from which there have been a great number of religious vocations. Father Holtman and Father Buxkemper are members of the Hoelscher family.

A Registration booth was busy all day registering those present and giving information. Five books and colors were used for registering separately the descendants of Elizabeth, Anton, Jr., Joe, William, and Ben. Registering members were Mrs. Frank Moeller, Miss Gladys Hoelscher, Mrs. Erwin Bernsen, Mrs. Elmer Hoelscher, Miss Geneva Eggemeyer, and Miss Delphine Hoelscher.

After mass the Westphalia Parish Hall was filled for a general business meeting in which out-of-state members were recognized, officers for the first reunion were introduced, and plans were made for the next reunion. At this meeting Edward G. Hoelscher of Rowena, Texas, as re-elected chairman and Clarence Hoelscher of Rosebud, Texas, was re-elected secretary for the second reunion. Other officers serving for the first reunion were Mrs. J. C. Moeller of Westphalia, local chairman; Ed Hoelscher of Rowena, treasurer; and Fred Hoelscher of Westphalia, local treasurer. A new committee was appointed by the officers. The members voted to have the next reunion in 1956. Those present from Frelsburg offered their town as the site of the next reunion and the committee accepted this offer. After the business meeting dinner was served buffet style in the dining hall on the parish grounds where all of the activities took place. For the noon and evening meals, Hoelscher men barbecued 500 pounds of beef and 1100 pounds of sausage. In addition there were tubs of beans, potato salad, tomatoes, pickles, dozens of cakes, plenty of bread, and gallons of iced tea served by the ladies of the family and of the community.

During an afternoon of meeting relatives and visiting with them, immediate families were together, kinfolks who had never met before were introduced, and relatives and friends who had not seen each other for many years, perhaps not since school days, met again. In the evening dancing was enjoyed in the parish hall with music by the Schoenvogel Band of Moulton, Texas. Present at the reunion were relatives from all over the state of Texas as well as from the states of Washington, New York, Utah, California, Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.