1954 Book

Hoelscher-Buxkemper Family Heritage Association

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The Hoelscher Family Four Generations By: Edward G Hoelscher Date Written: August 16, 1954

To the memory of Caspar Hoelscher Who dreamed of printing this record this book is dedicated


In this record of the Hoelscher Family I have done everything possible to give you a chance to trace your ancestors back to the Anton Hoelscher, Sr. family, and to get acquainted with your and my relatives and learn the relationship to them. This book contains the names of four generations and the names of their husbands and wives, a total of 561 names. Later I hope to print a record of seven generations and their husbands and wives, which would be a total of approximately seven thousand names. This record would not have been possible without the help of numerous people. In the preparation of this book I have become indebted to many persons, especially my grandfather, Casper Hoelscher, and a friend, C.J. Raabe, who were of great help I obtaining the names in this book. My grandfather made an attempt to compile this record. He traveled about the state quite a lot and collected names as he went. He intended to print this record, but as he traveled his trunk, including his record, was stolen. After that he did not attempt to collect the data for the book again. It was his interest in this record that inspired me to start collecting names and information in 1928 and to continue when I had the chance to get more names. I want to express my appreciation and thanks to everyone who helped make this record possible. Edward G. Hoelscher Rowena, Texas

Dated 8-16-54