1954 Book History

Hoelscher-Buxkemper Family Heritage Association

History of the Family from The Hoelscher Family Four Generations By: Edward G Hoelscher Date Written: August 16, 1954

In the winter of 1846 the Hoelscher Family from Olfen, Westphalia, Germany, arrived at Galveston and settled near Frelsburg, Texas. In this group were the parents, Anton Hoelscher, Sr. and his wife, Mary Katherine Hoelscher, and four sons: Anton, Jr., Joe, William, and Ben. Also in this group was Elizabeth Bruse, the sweetheart of Anton Hoelscher, Jr. The Anton Hoelscher, Sr. family had eight children. The oldest, named Elizabeth did not make the trip at this time. It is not know whether the other three, John Henry, B. John, and Frank chose to stay in Germany or had died earlier.

The passport issued on June 20, 1846 to Elizabeth Bruse to come to this country is still in existence. Mrs. Alex Fermer had this passport I her possession and recently gave it to Edward G Hoelscher. Very Reverend Monsignor L. T. Matthiesen has filed a copy of this passport in the official diocesan archives in Amarillo, Texas. Mrs. Fehmer also furnished the information of the birth record of the Hoelscher family. Mrs. Emma Schoelhoeft Helpert has a prayer book that was printed in Muenster, Germany in 1845. This prayer book contains the signature of Mary Katherine Hoelscher and has been handed down from mother to daughter since that time.

Anton Hoelscher, Sr. Lived in Texas two years before he died. He is buried in a small forgotten cemetery at a place called Ross Prairie located between Fayettville and Live Oak Hill. Years later the name Live Oak Hill was changed to Hostin. Anton’s wife, Mary Katherine, lived in Texas 25 years and died on January 30, 1880 at the age of 86 years, 11 months and 28 days. She is buried in the Frelsburg cemetery. As you enter this cemetery, her grave can be found on the right close to a live oak tree.

Elizabeth Hoelscher, the oldest child in the Anton Hoelscher, Sr. family, married Theodore Buxkemper in Germany. Three of their children, Lucy, Elizabeth and William, were born in Germany. They then came to this country, arriving at Galveston on November 28, 1849, approximately three years later than the first family. On arriving in Texas Theodore and Elizabeth’s third child, William, was one year old. Theodore Buxkemper was born July 25, 1810, in Olfen, Westphalia, Germany, and died on February 26, 1868, in Frelsburg, Texas.

Anton and Mary Katherine had forty grandchildren who were the sons and daughters of their five children who settled in Texas. Since existing records do not show what happened to the tree sons who did not come with their parents, it is unknown whether there may have been other grandchildren.

In the Theodore Buxkemper family there were seven children and fifty-five grandchildren. In the Anton Hoelscher, Jr. family there were six children and thirty-two grandchildren.

In the Joe Hoelscher family there were thirteen children and eighty-eight grandchildren.

In the William Hoelscher family there were four children and eighteen grandchildren.

In the Ben Hoelscher family there were ten children and forty-four grandchildren.