1958 Book

1958 Book

Hoelscher-Buxkemper Family Heritage Association

The Hoelscher Buxkemper Family Seven Generations Compiled by Mrs. Frank B. Moeller Sept. 20, 1958

Dedicated to the Hoelscher-Buxkemper families and especially to Father Leonard Buxkemper, Mr. and Mrs. Paul James Hoelscher, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hoelscher, Marilyn Kleypas, Lou Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. Bill May, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Hoelscher for helping type and finance this “BOOK.”


This record of the Hoelscher Family is an attempt to make it possible for any member of the family to trace his or her ancestry back to Anton Hoelscher Sr. This book contains thousands of names of all members including the seventh generation. Every effort has been made to include all these names. Much time and effort has been made to make it complete. Many people have helped in compiling these names. While it is impossible to mention every one by name, it would be unjust to not mention a few, through whose effort this record was brought into being. First, we must mention Casper Hoelscher who dreamed of printing such a record. In his frequent travels over the state he gathered many names. However, misfortune befell him. On one of his travels his trunk was stolen containing these names. But his grandson, Edward G. Hoelscher inspired by his grandfather’s interest took up the idea and starting in 1928, began to collect names with the help of C. J. Raabe. In 1954 Edward printed a record of the names he had gathered. 561 names appeared in this book, which included the fourth generation. This little book was so well received that the dream of Edward G. Hoelscher to print a record of seven generations was begun. Mrs. Frank Moeller wholeheartedly accepted this tremendous task. Thousands of cards and letters were written all over the United States seeking names and records. Many answered her immediately – others showed no interest. But she kept insisting and slowly but surely the names started to come in. These records we hope are correct and complete. No time and effort was too much in this undertaking. Mrs. Moeller wishes to thank everyone who in any way helped to bring this book into a reality – the dream of Casper Hoelscher, of Edward G. Hoelscher and of Mrs. Frank Moeller – the dream that came true.

Rev. Leonard Buxkemper Westphalia, Texas

Sept. 20, 1958