One of the great things about being a descendant of Anton and Mary Katherine Hoelscher is that we have these family books that tell our story.  Thanks to all the people that took time to collect, type up, write and print, we have had Four Family Books.  Each one adding the family as it as grown.  Casper Hoelscher, grandson of Anton and Mary Katherine traveled around Texas collecting the names of his first cousins, the grandchildren of Anton and Mary Katherine, the children of Elizabeth, Anton Jr, Joe, William and Ben.  He lost his papers along the way but his grandson, Edward G Hoelscher, wrote out much of that information and continued Casper’s dream to have a printed copy of this history.  Over the years we have had so many people continue this tradition and added to the books with wonderful stories of all our ancestors.  The 2003 book includes stories of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation of Anton and Mary Katherine.  We hope as a family to continue this process.   Please continue to send in your family updates to your family representatives listed on the family update sheets.  Without the continual process the next book will be a ever great task for a book committee.  If you have 5th generation family members, please start writing out their story so some day we can have a next generational book with their history.