2017 News Page 3

In Remembrance

Father Marvin C. Kitten, SJ, died January 12, 2016, at the age of 84. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1953, was ordained a priest in 1965, and gave over 50 years of his life serving the people of God. While he was assigned to the Bryan-College Station area, he was active in the family A&M group and was also a member of the Hoelscher-Buxkemper Family Board. He is a descendant of Joe Hoelscher.


Sister M. Paschal Hoelscher, O.P., died on January 20, 2016, at the age of 94. She entered the Dominican Sisters of Houston in 1942 and taught for over 60 years, serving in various Texas and California schools. Her ministry in Taylor spanned 36 of those years, including school teaching and religious education. She is a descendant of William Hoelscher.


Three deacons have also passed away in the last two years: Leroy P Beach, 93 of Millersville, Texas, (Elizabeth descendant); Darris D Linder, 74 of Slaton, (Elizabeth); and Johnnie Thornton, Jr., 62, of Granger, (Joe).


Memorial Service Requests

At the last reunion, a memorial display was set up in the memorabilia area to remember those family members that have died since the last reunion. To do this, and to keep family records up-to-date, it is requested that names of family members who have died since the last reunion in 2016 be sent to Shirley Burk, 4090 Mountain Laurel Loop, Temple, TX 76502. Please also include date and place of death, age at time of death, and family section if know (i.e. Elizabeth, Anton, Joe, William or Ben). As noted *below, information regarding deaths should be sent to Barbara Hoelscher.

Website: www.h-bfamily.org. We added the 4th generation in the family section. There are 270 4th generation family members: these are the great grandchildren of Anton and Marie Katherine Hoelscher. The web site is also in the process of adding the coordinating GPS locations on the web site. And if you are planning on attending the reunion we plan to have an online registration and PayPal availability on the site.

Mailing List

Barbara Hoelscher oversees maintaining the mailing list, containing some 5,000+ addresses, for the Hoelscher – Buxkemper Family Heritage Association. I can attest this a monstrous task. Your help will be appreciated. Address changes, additions or deletions can be sent to Barbara at: 2005 Chisholm Tr, Salado, TX 76507 or email to bhoelscher12@aol.com.


Lost list – a list of those whose address we know are out of date will be posted on the H-B family website. Until the addresses are updated, they will not receive mail. Please provide Barbara with updated information for anyone on the list.



The family Facebook page is www.facebook.com/hoelscherbuxkemper