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Sister Hermana Hoelscher was born in Westphalia, Texas, and entered the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul in 1957. She received a bachelor degree in nursing from Marillac College in St. Louis in 1971. Sister Hermana served as a nurse at DePaul Hospital form 1974-78. She was also a pastoral assistant in Arkansas and a nurse at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, followed by working in Austin for a number of years. She currently resides in Missouri. Her parents; Herman and Anna Wiltschek Hoelscher; descendant of William Hoelscher. Congratulations on 60 years of service as a Daughter of Charity.


Ruby Hoelcher Matschek Niehues will turning 100 August 4, 2017. She is living in San Angelo. Sister Helen Lange will be turning 104 September 28, 2017. She is living in Florida. Ruby and Sister Helen are descendants of Anton Hoelscher Jr.


Awards presented at the 2016 New Braunfels reunion were: oldest man, Floyd Frerich, 88, of San Angelo; oldest woman, Jane Moeller, 90, of Temple; youngest baby boy, Daniel Kelly, 9 weeks old, son of Norman and Victoria Kelly of Castroville; youngest baby girl, Rylie Durham, 14 months, daughter of Ray and Megan Durham of San Angelo. Couple married longest: Betty and Kim Lewis, 66 years, of Little River; newly-wed couple, Gary and Juneva McQueen, 8+ months, of Killen. Largest Family present (three-way tie): Dennis Hoelscher, Derek Hoelscher, Theresa Morgan and Marli Carollo (Violet); Kathleen O’Grady Chaney, Patricia O’Grady Heath, Maureen O’Grady, and Kevin O’Grady (San Antonio); Susan Ross, Donald Baumbach, Daniel Baumbach, and JoAnna Silver. Agnes Heidland of Woodland, WA received the award for traveling greatest distance to attend reunion. Come to the 2018 reunion and you too could be an award winner!


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