5th Gen Worksheet

Family History

What is the person’s name including nick names?

Where and when was he or she born?

Names of parents.

Was he or she baptized?  Where?  Godparents?

What is unique or special about his or her family background.


Where did the person live as a child?

Did he or she get into mischief?  Any stories?

Did the person have any special interests or talents as a child?


What schools did the person attend?  Elementary, High School

Are there any funny school-related stories?

Showcase the person’s interests

What interests did the person have?

Did the person participate in extracurricular activities?

What responsibilities did the person have at school, at home, or in the community?

Young Adult Experiences.  Try to share experiences in college, the military, sports, or religious activities

How did the person decide which path to pursue?

What were some of the hardships and triumphs the person experienced.

How did the person serve others during young adulthood.

Friends and family.   Tell about the special people who helped shape the person’s life.

When did the person fall in love?  Name the spouse and his or her parents.  What was courtship and wedding like?  (Repeat for multiple marriages)


What was life like for the young couple?

Did the couple have children?  Give names and birth order of the children.

What did the family like to do together?

Homes, Careers and Interests

What special awards did the person receive?

What strengths did the person show in the home or the work force?

Did the person ever change jobs?

Family life and fond memories.  Emphasize important family accomplishments or aspects of their life.

What strengths did the person have as a family member or as a parent.

What did he or she enjoy doing with family.

What was life like while raising a family?

How did the person feel about being a grandparent?

Death and lasting memorials

Date and cause of death of both spouses.

Where was the person buried and where was the funeral service?

What does the family treasure about the person?