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Anton Hoelscher Sr Gravesite

by Hubert Lange

Many of the fourth and fifth generation descendants of Anton and Mary Catherine Hoelscher Sr. Have heard stories about the gravesites of Anton and Mary Catherine. Mary Catherine is buried under a huge Oak tree in the Sts Peter and Paul Cemetery in Frelsburg, Texas. On her grave is a white marker that says, in German, Anton is buried on private property.

The location of Anton’s grave was a topic of discussion within the family for many years so, during the Hoelscher-Buxkemper Family Heritage Association Board meeting in April of 2005, a committee was assigned to investigate the possibility of placing a marker near the gravesite. The committee composed of Henry Hoelscher, Leonard Buxkemper, Doris Voltin, and Carolyn Meiners Heinsohn took the challenger and the result of their effort is shown below.

Anton Hoelscher Memorial

By Leonard Buxkemper

On June 9, 2006, several hundred descendants of the Anton Hoelscher Sr. family gathered on the prairie of Fayette County for the unveiling and blessing of a plaque marking the location of the gravesite of Anton Hoelscher Sr. who is buried nearby.

Descendants representing all five of the children of Anton and Mary Catherine were present for the unveiling of the plaque which was blessed by Bishop Emeritus Leroy T Matthiesen. The Plaque reveals a brief synopsis of the hardships and heartaches of the humble beginning of the Hoelscher Family.

After a welcome address by Fayette County Judge Ed Janecka, Leonard Buxkemper spoke briefly of the Hoelscher family’s arrival in Texas in 1846, their inability to occupy their land grants in McCullough County due in part to the fact that it was occupied by the fierce Comanche Indians. This forced the family to establish themselves in the Cummins Creek Settlement near Frelsburg Texas. This would be their home from 1846 to 1853 when they moved to the Ross Prairie area of Fayette County.

The Dream of establishing an entire community was cut short by the untimely death of Anton Sr. about 1857. All that remains today is the gravesite of Anton Sr. and the nearby Plaque.

Oh, but would it be possible for all Anton Hoelscher Sr.’s descendants to have the ability to visit the Plague which is located about a half mile from the gravesite. Even better, if you went and found the grave, so peaceful in the midst of a hay meadow on top of a small rise when 360 degree view of the area is awesome.

From this humble beginning, has arisen possible the largest family in the country which includes you and me.

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