2009 page 2

H-B family Heritage Association Web Site

By Linda Binns

www.h-bfamily.org is the web site. Check it out. This year we have added several new sections. The most requested is the genealogy information. We have only added the family trees for the first 3 generations. You may find them under the family section. In the education section you might also like to check out the Spot Light on the Family, places to visit, and interesting books the family has written. If you would like to know when all those church festival are and where – look for a list of them in the education section. I tried to include those festivals from areas that have family presence. If you would like to send in a name, book, or festival place and date, email me at xxxxxxxxx. If you need forms and information on the reunion use the web site. Hope you CHECK IT OUT.

H-B Family Heritage Association Facebook Page

By James Bernsen

The Hoelscher-Buxkemper family has set up a page on the social networking site Facebook. This new site will be used to help get out the word about upcoming events and give family members a chance to meet and network online. Just find us in the search feature. If you’re new to Facebook or haven’t joined and are interested in learning all about this innovative new networking tool, just email James Bernsen at xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mailing List

Barbara Hoelscher has assumed the responsibility of maintaining the mailing list, containing some 5,500+ addresses, for the Hoelscher-Buxkemper Family Heritage Association. I can attest this is a monstrous task and your help will be appreciated. Address changes can be sent to Barbara at: 2005 Chisholm Tr, Salado, TX 76517 or email to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Barbara is having the mailing list checked by the USPS CASS system quarterly to pick up any address changes that have occurred. We have a transient family so we are using this as a way of tracking the many moves.

Family Historian

Reba Ogg, H-B Family Custodian of Records, is pleased with newspaper clippings that are being sent to her for cataloging and keeping. If you find an article in the newspaper and recognize it as H-B related, clip it and send to Reba at: 12201 Black Angus, Austin, TX 78727 or e-mail to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Items maintained by the Custodian are always on display at the Hoelscher-Buxkemper reunions for your perusal.

Bishop Matthiesen’s new Book

Bishop Emeritus Leroy Matthiesen has written a new book: “Lieber Bernard und Elise: The Lives and times of a German Texas Family”. The book, 600+ pages priced at $20, can be purchased by calling Emilia Solano: xxx email xxxxx, or mail PO Box 5644, Amarillo, TX 79117-5644. Make checks payable to – Matthiesen Family Hertage Association MFHA.