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Reunion 2008

The 28th biennial meeting of the Hoelscher-Buxkemper Family was held at the Wells Fargo Pavilion of the San Angelo Fairgrounds on Sunday, June 29, 2008. The Family hosts decided the reunion would be dedicated to the Veterans of the Family who serviced in past wars and those family members who are currently serving in the military. The military were accordingly honored during the mass on Sunday which was presiding over by Monsignor Larry Droll, assisted by Deacon Wilbur Hoelscher and seminarian Sam Matthiesen.

The family meeting convened after lunch on Sunday during which time it was announced that attendance at the San Angelo reunion was down to 660 family and friends from the usual 975 attendees. The decrease was attributed to the price of a gallon of gasoline ($3.00) at the time of the reunion. Registration by family was as follows: Elizabeth 127, Anton 217, Joe 339, William 59, Ben 41, and guests 16. (Those in more than one family section are counted in all sections; so total number by family does not add up to 660.) the price of gasoline didn’t deter Nathalene Hoelscher of Robstown from coming to San Angelo. She was recognized as having attended all 28 reunions.

Family chair persons of the book committee, Doris Voltin and Dee Evans (Elizabeth section); Dottie Frerich (Anton section); Theresa Gold (not present) (Joe section); Margie Baumbach and Shirley Burk (William section); O.A. Bernsen (Ben section) were recognized for their hard work in making the “Hoelscher Family of Texas, 1846 to 2003” Book a success. Special Recognition was given Carolyn Hoelscher for her work in the design and editing of the book.

Longevity is an attribute many in the Hoelscher-Buxkemper Family enjoy. This is evidenced by the age of some of the attendees; Werner Niehues, oldest man, 91, of San Angelo and Esther Strube, oldest woman, 94, of Slaton. Also Elmer Hoelscher, 88, Clovis, California, and Wilbert Gully, 88, San Angelo (brothers-in-law the oldest veterans in attendance were recognized. Reed Multer, 5 months, son of Richard and Sabrina Multer, of Lubbock, was the youngest baby at the reunion.

Norbert and Lucille Halfmann, 62 years, of Paint Rocktook honors as the couple married the longest. Brian and Cristina (Espinoza) Snapka, 14 months, Corpus Christi (married April 21, 2007) were the newly wed couple.

The Walter Andrew and Mary Knoff Hoelscher won the “Largest Family in Attendance” award. Seven adult children were in attendance: Grace Beach, Rowena; Clarence Hoelscher, Stephenville; Marilyn Midkiff, Carrollton; Joyce Hoelscher Hoelscher, St. Lawrence; Pat Lange, Rowena; Leroy Hoelscher, St. Lawrence; and Leon Hoelscher, Ballinger. Largest Family: Winkie (Fuchs) Hayes was recognized as having traveled the farthest, Wiesbaden, Germany.  Oldest Veteran:   Seminarian Karl Schmidt of Miami Florida was introduced and was asked to close the meeting with a prayer.