Hoelscher – Buxkempber Family Newsletter  – James Bernsen, Editor

September, 2011

2012 Reunion – Columbus, Texas:  “Return to Our Roots”  by Leonard Buxkemper

Hello Hoelscher – Buxkemper Family.  It is reunion time! We are gettng ready to go ” Back to our Roots.”

It was 175 years ago at reunion time in 1846 when the first members of the Hoelscher Family arrived in Texas.  Mary Katherine (Hoelscher) buxkemper and family arrived in 1850.  Inability to settle on their own land grant would change our ancestors’ destiny to come to Colorado County in an area close to what is now Frelsburg.  You can only imagine the hardships encountered by our ancestors to get here, traveling by boat, wagon and foot across uncleared wilderness.  Now we have highways, airplanes, buses and RVs to get here.

In time, the descendants of those settlers spread all across Texas and beyond.  But there are some of us who still call Colorado county Home.  Those who chose to stay here are anxious and excited to welcome all the wandering Hoelschers and Buxkempers back home.  truly the theme is “Back to our Roots”.

At this reunion, we won’t just talk about tracing our roots, we’ll do it.  Plans are being made for you to visit the graves of Ben in Weimar, Anton Jr and William in Ehlinger, Mary Katherine in Frelsburg, and Anton Sr. and his marker close to Ehlinger.  Perhaps even a drive by the orginal home place in Frelsburg.  For those passing through La Grange, don’t forget to visit the Hoelscher Haus – the home of Anton and Elizabeth Hoelscher, Jr. which is now an exhibit at the Texas Czech Heritage and Cultural Center in La Grange.

The Hoelscher – Buxkemper Famiy Reunion Committee is hard at work to make this reunion a big success.

The reunion will be held on June 23 and 24th, 2012 at the Knights of Columbus hall in the City of Columbus, one of the oldest cities in Texas.  The community is excited and will make your stay comfortable.

Three new motels have been completed this past year.  These plus those already in use plus motels from nearby should accommodate you.  Campgrouds are available to the RVrs.  bedand breakfasts too.  Several golf courses are nearby.  For those who wish to tour the graves, plans are in the works to begin the tours on Friday June 22nd.


Memorial Service:  This reunion will include a memorial service during the genera meeting on Sunday for all family members who have passed away since the last reunion in June, 2010.  Please send the information to Shirley Burk, Secretary – Treasurer HB Family:  Name of deceased family member, age, city or town, branch of family, and who is submitting information.  Send by email   or to 4090 Mountain Laurel Loop, Temple, TX 76502.

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