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Board of Directors

Majorie Baumbach, James Bernsen, O.A. Bernsen, Linda Binns, Joan Black, Carla Bottorf, Shirley Burk, Leonard Buxkemper, Karen Cosper, Patricia Decker, Carence Entrop, Dorothy Frerich, Barbara Fuchs, Carolyn Gottschalk, Diane Hadley, Barbara Hoelscher, Johnny Hoelscher, Hubert Lange, Nadine McDonald, Lee & Judith Meurer, Reba Ott, Paula Rodgers, Chas Untermeyer, and Doris Voltin

A Note from the President  by Linda Binns

Hello Cousins,

The Board had elections in April this Year and elected the following for a 2 year term:  Linda Binns as President, Carla Botloff as Vice President, and Shirley Burk as Secretary – Treasurer.  We have a list of the board members with the area they serve and the family they represent on the web site.  Please contact us if you have questions suggestions or would like to join us preserving the family history.  Some board members are looking at retiring from the committee jobs they hold on the board (but still will serve as board members) in the future, so if you work on web pages, scrapbook, can store scrapbooks, work the storage on the books, etc plese call/email me.

With all the ways to get and share information these days, we are continuing to look for ways to engage all members of the family, please check out our facebook page and web site.  If you have other ways for us to share, post it on the facebook page, email or write a board member.

Reba Ott, the historian, lives ery near where the fires were in Austin several years ago.  So I hve been busy scanning the 60 plus family scrapbooks these last two years.  We hope to preserve all that family history in a digital format in case we do lose the paper copies at some point.  Those scrapbooks have been so interesting to read as I scan.  We are looking at a way to share those books with the family in the future, so if you don’t always have time to see them at the reunoin you can look them over at your leisure at home.  And please continue to send in any article on the family that you see in magazines, newspapers or on-line.  Reba collects articles, birth announcements, weddings, anniversary, obituary, copies of reunion pictures, etc.  Our family has so many outstanding people in it, that we want future generations to know what all the family has done.

See you all in Temple 2014,

Linda Binns, President