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Serving Our Famiy by Serving God

Our Hoelscher – Buxkemper Family is very proud that our numbers include priests, nuns, and deacons.  The following is a list of those we have identified in this category.  If you know of any other priests, nuns or deacons in the family that are not on this list, please notify Barbara Hoelscher, Membership Chairperson at 2005 Chisholm Trail, Salado, TX 76571. Also, if any adddresses are incorrect, please notify her of this information.

Deacon Leroy P Beach                        Deacon Lawrence Hoelscher                       Sister Mary Ruth (Karen) O’Brien

Sister Jacinta Berger                            Sister Paschal Hoelscher                             Rev. William E Palmer

Sister Pauline Block                              Rev. Msgr Elmer Holtman                          Rev. Edward A Pavlicek

Rev. Msgr C Roland Buxkemper        Sister Virginia Huser                                     Sister Carolyn Pelzel

Rev. Msgr Larry J Droll                        Rev. Marvin Kitten                                        Deacon Bil Smetana

Sister Gloria Ann Fiedler                     Deacon Allan J Lange                                     Deacon Robert E Thayer

Rev. Paul A Gros                                    Sister Helen Lange                                         Deacon Johnnie D Thornton

Sister M Irene Hartman                      Deacon Stanley W Lange                                Sister Frances M Werland

Deacon Wilbur Hoelscher                   Deacon Darris D Linder

Sister Hermana Hoelscher                   Rev. Sam Matthiesen


Hoelscher- Buxkemper Family Web Resources

H-B Family Website

The official H-B Family website is www.h-bfamily.org.  Itincludes a genealogy section, an education  section and a family section.  The family section includs genealogy information for the first three generations.  For any questions, contact Linda Binns at xxxxxxxx

Facebook Page

For those who are into social networking, or to get those young children excited about learning about their family, check out the H-B family Facebook page.  Feel free to add your family news.  If you hae any questions, contact James Bernsen at xxxxxxxxxx


Mailing List

Barbara Hoelscher is in charge of maintaining the mailing list, containing some 5,500+ addresses, for the Hoelscher – Buxkemper Family Heritage Association.  I can attest this is a monstrous task and your help will be appreciated.  Address changes can be sent to Barbara at 2005 Chisholm Tr, TX 76517.