2004 Wrap Up

2004 Reunion Wrap-up

The Hoelscher-Buxkemper Family Reunion was held July 17 and 18, 2004 at the Mayborn Convention Center in Temple, Texas. A total of 905 people were present. Attendance by family was as follows: Joe, 397; Anton, 103; Elizabeth, 219; William, 107; and Ben, 97.

President Dottie Frerich called the Meeting to order on Sunday, July 17, at 1:10 p.m. Deacon Wilbur Hoelscher of San Antonio led the opening prayer. Richard Schiqut led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Shirley Burk introduced the Mayor of Temple, Bill Jones, who welcomed the group to Temple and extended greetings on behalf of the city.

The minutes of the previous reunion meeting of June 23, 2002, held in San Angelo, were read by Shirley Burk, Secretary-Treasurer, and approved as read.

Board members were introduced. Present were Kenneth Anderson, Marjorie
Baumbach, O. A. Bernsen, Linda Binns, Carla Bottorf, Shirley Burk, Karen Cosper, Patricia Decker, Clarence Entrop, Dee Evans, Dottie Frerich, Gene Hoelscher, Johnny Hoelscher, Hubert Lange, Curtis Lutringer, Lee and Judith Meurer, Reba Ott, Gloria Robertson, Paula Rodgers, Melvin Schanen and Doris Voltin. Absent were Dorothy Corcoran, Theresa Gold, Wanda Hoelscher, and Cecilia Triska.

New boards members were announced: Nadine McDonald of Lubbock and Carolyn Gottschalk of Arlington.

Committee reports were read: Custodian of Records, Newsletter and Book Committee.

President Frerich recognized priests and religious present. She thanked Monsignor Elmer Holtman of Austin, who presided at the Mass and we recognized his 40th anniversary in the priesthood. Sister Paschal Hoelscher of Taylor was recognized; she celebrated her 62nd anniversary this year.

Nathalene Hoelscher of Corpus Christi-Violet area was recognized as being the only family member who has attended all 26 reunions starting with the 1954 Westphalia reunion. Dora Moeller of Westphalia was recognized as the chairwoman of the first reunion in Westphalia in 1954. All persons who attended the first reunion in 1954 were also recognized.

Registration reports, given by Doris Voltin, revealed a total of 905 people were present.

Following the recognition of all present over 80 years old, awards were presented to the following:
Oldest Man: Virgil Worley, 87 of Granite City, IL
Oldest Lady: Mary Mechler, 96 of San Antonio, Texas
Youngest Girl: Brooke Tucker, 3 month old, daughter of Kourtney Tucker of Midland, Texas
Youngest Boy: Darien Durr, 2 weeks, son of Crystal and Darius Durr of Killeen, Texas
Couple Married Longest: Clarence and Velera Miles, 64 years, June 30, Houston, TX
Newly-wed Couple: Jeff and Frances Spalding, 1 month, of Harper, TX
Largest Family: Spalding Family of Harper consisting of Jacinta, Chasity; Christopher, Veronica, Sarah and Bernadette Spalding: and Mary, William, Gretchen, Elizabeth, Stephen, Gabriel and Isaac Zinsmeister.
Greatest Distance Traveled: Joanna Baumbach of Boston, MA

Date and place of next reunion will be announced in the Fall newsletter.

Doris Voltin thanked all who had worked on the reunion.

Reba Ott of Austin won the quilt with a wild flower and Texas theme.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.