2006 Wrap Up


SUNDAY, JUNE 11, 2006


            The 27th biennial meeting of the Hoelscher-Buxkemper Family was called to order by President Dottie Frerich on Sunday, June 11, 2006, at 1:15 p.m. at the El Campo Civic Center. Deacon Wilbur Hoelscher of San Antonio led the opening prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes of the previous reunion meeting of July 18, 2004, held in Temple, were read by Shirley Burk, Secretary-Treasurer, and approved as read. She reported it was not possible now to provide a complete financial report due to outstanding bills and expenses from this reunion.

Board members were introduced. Present were:

Kenneth Anderson, Pasadena  Marjorie Baumbach, Crosby   O. A. Bernsen, Hondo

Linda Binns, San Angelo Carla Bottorf, Kingsbury     Shirley Burk, Temple

Patricia Decker, San Angelo Clarence Entrop, Temple Dee Evans, San Antonio

Dottie Frerich, San Angelo       Carolyn Gottschalk, Arlington Gene Hoelscher, Salado

Johnny Hoelscher, Bryan        Wanda Hoelscher, Raymondville Hubert Lange, San Antonio

Reba Ott, Austin          Doris Voltin, Rosebud

Absent were: Karen Cosper, Nadine McDonald (left early to return home due to distance),Lee and Judith Meurer (left at lunch to return home due to distance). She announced resignations were accepted at the board meeting yesterday from Curtis Lutringer, Houston; Gloria Robertson, Midland, and Ceci Triska of El Campo. Two new board members were approved: Leonard Buxkemper of Columbus area, and Barbara Hoelscher Fuchs of Midland (St. Lawrence/Garden City area). She also mentioned the untimely death of Melvin Schanen, on February 13, 2006, and extended condolences to the family; Melvin was a long-time board member and first president of this organization following the institution of the bylaws in the early 1990’s.

Reba Ott, Custodian of Records, reported she had brought 53 scrapbooks to the reunion, which are on display in the Duson Room and invited everyone to review them. She again requested newspaper clippings be sent to her; she plans to continue bringing the scrapbooks to the reunions.

Hubert Lange, Newsletter Chair, reported the board had voted at yesterday’s meeting to send out the family newsletter in late spring or early summer next year (odd numbered year) rather than in the fall, thus affording news items to the family in a more timely manner. He also reported there are 5500 names on the mailing list and that with each mailing, approximately 150 come back due to people moving and no forwarding address. New addresses can be sent to him by email, phone, or regular mail.

Leonard Buxkemper reported on the installation and dedication of the plaque, marking the site of Anton Hoelscher, Sr.’s gravesite. He thanked the family for providing funds for the plaque and for those who took the tours on Friday and who attended the dedication of the plaque. Any one wanting maps of these areas can contact one of the board members. He also thanked the committee consisting of Henry Hoelscher, Jr., Doris Voltin, and Carolyn Meiners Heinsohn, in addition to himself, for their work in making this a reality. Doris Voltin also thanked those who took part in the tour and reiterated what the County Judge had stressed about the importance of passing on family histories. She too thanked Leonard and the other committee members for their work on the plaque and the tour planning. Henry Hoelscher, Jr. also thanked all who went on the tours, indicating he had never expected 200 to come for the tours. He reported on the donation of one of the original houses on his family farm to the Po.L.K. of A. and it is now known as the Hoelscher Haus, located in La Grange. Pamphlets are available and he will be happy to answer questions about this project after the meeting.

Board Member Linda Binns reported on the website, which can be accessed at

www.h-bfamily.org. She reported some of the items already on the web page and plans for future information to be included. She and Carla Bottorf will be available to update and work on the website.

Carolyn Hoelscher, designer of the family book, reported on the huge and monumental task of putting the family book together and urged members to review the drafts of the book available to check for discrepancies. We want to make the book as perfect as possible and it is planned to have the book ready for mailing in September. She recognized the “six ladies”, representatives for each section of the family, who are providing information, assistance, and answering her questions. Since so many copies have been made by them, (and to show the size of the sections) she gave reams of paper to each in comparison to the size of their sections.

Dottie recognized and thanked Bishop Emeritus Leroy Mattheisen for being with us and presiding at the morning’s Mass, and also Sister Helen Lange, who will celebrate her 75th anniversary in 2007. She also recognized those who had chaired a reunion in the past, and Nathalene Hoelscher, of Robstown, who has attended all 27 reunions. All those attending a reunion for the first time were recognized and given a special invitation to return to future reunions.

Larry Hoelscher, Reunion Co-Chair, reported an estimated 715 persons attended the reunion. They include: Ben, 83; Anton, 97; Joe, 243; William, 63, and Elizabeth, 195, and 16 special guests.

Family members 80 and over were recognized and asked to remain after the meeting for a picture. Dottie thanked Chairpersons, Larry and Pat Hoelscher, and Reneau Gold, Registration Chair, for all their work after which awards were presented to the following:

Oldest Man:                             Erwin Lange, 94, of Bloomington

Oldest Lady:                            Regina Priesmeyer, 96, of El Campo

Youngest Girl: Kylie Noakes, 11 months, daughter of Mark and Callie Noakes, of Corpus Christi

Youngest Boy: Gavin Acosta, 8 weeks, son of Gil and Tracy (Krenek) Acosta of Round Rock

Couple Married Longest:         Clarence and Velera Miles, 66 years, of Houston

Newly-Wed Couple:    Jason and Shirley (Wallace) Hoelscher, 5 weeks, Burlington (Married May 6, 2006)

Largest Family:                        Six adult children of Herbert Hoelscher Family:

Francis Hoelscher, Corpus; Floy Lee and Rosa Lee Hoelscher, Robstown; Richard Hoelscher, La Grange; Raymond Hoelscher, Corpus Christi; and Geraldine Fredette.

Greatest Distance Traveled:     Willard and Maxine Hoelscher of Hollister, CA.

Larry Hoelscher thanked all the people who helped with the reunion and reported on some of the activities and meetings leading up to the reunion. He thanked the following:

Decorations/door prizes: Janice Pospisil and her family; the table centerpieces were then awarded by Janice.

Domino tournament: The House’s.

Children’s Area: Kenny and Stephanie Hoelscher

Entertainment: Carl and Delores Priesmeyer

Silent Auction: Ruth Kunz – there were 100 items in the auction and the profit as $2,937.25.

Raffle: Clara Gold – tickets were drawn for the winners of the four prizes:

Quilt, made by 93 year old won by Alan Hoelscher of El Campo

Door, donated by Henry Hoelscher, Jr., and handmade western mirror, both won by Marilyn Fritts

Crown of thorns picture, won by Anna Marie Birdsong of El Campo

Souvenirs: Gretchen Wilkerson

Lodgings: Lawrence and Gladys Krenek

Publicity: Doris Grigar and Bernice Polasek

Registration/Meals: Ronnie and Reneau Gold

Desserts: Pat Wobbe (some cakes left over and still available)

Meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.

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Secretary-Treasurer, HBF