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New Hoelscher – Buxkemper Book Plans

As our family grows larger and larger, we need to tell more and more stories, and connect with more and more relatives.  That’s right, it’s time for another book.  But this time, the book will look a little different.

The 2003 book stretched the limits of what’s possible in one volume, so the new book will likely be several:  a series of books for each of the families within the Hoelscher-Buxkemper umbrella.  And rather than recreate the wheel, the new books will take up the story where the 2003 book left off.  That book told the stories of our family through the first four generations.  The new books will tell the stories of the fifth generation onward.

Fifth Generation biographies due soon!

It’s up to YOU to help collect those fifth-generation stories.  If you have fifth generation relatives family members, answer the questions on Page 5 of this newsletter and send it to your family representative.

The deadline for fifth generation stories is March 31, 2018.  Please send updates to your family representatives soon!

Family Representatives

We now have two family representatives for the Anton Jr. Family; Mary Beth Gaspard and Susan Ruiz. Send your family information to your family representatives as follows:

Elizabeth Family – Doris Voltin  653 State Hwy 53, Rosebud, TX 76570  (254) 583-468 

Anton Family – Elizabeth Matthiesen and Joe Hoelscher families send to Susan Ruiz, 2003 9th Street, Brownwood, TX 76801 (325) 200-8835

        – Anton III, Casper, and William Hoelscher families send to Mary Beth Gaspard, 3904 Brookhaven, Temple, TX 76504 (254) 624-0866

Joe Family – Linda Binns 3617 Old Post Court, San Angelo, TX 76904 (325) 942-0725   

William Family  -   Shirley Burk 4090 Mountain Laurel Loop, Temple, TX 76502 (254) 986-8353

Ben Family – O.A. Bernsen 6540 FM 2676, Hondo, TX 78861 (830) 741-7008 


Link to Hoelscher Buxkemper 5th Generation Biography  Page 5